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Will you lose your new home if you can’t sell quickly?

Broken property chain

Have you found the house of your dreams? The property that’s perfect for you and your family?

All you need to do is to sell your current home, and you can make the move you’re longing for. However, as we all know, this can become a highly stressful process with many complications along the way.

The never-ending chain

One of the biggest causes of anxiety is the property chain – and often you’re stuck in the middle.

There are so many reasons why a link in the property chain can break. Someone is refused the mortgage they need, and the chain collapses. Or, sadly, an unexpected redundancy can cause a buyer to decide to stay put.

Sometimes a survey will uncover repair work that needs to be done, and the buyer will get cold feet at the additional expense. There are hundreds of different reasons for the chain to break and the sale to fall through. It can be as straightforward as someone suddenly changing their mind about moving.

Gazumping and gazundering

As well as property chains breaking down, there’s also the problem of gazumping. This is when the seller accepts an offer from one buyer but takes a higher offer from another buyer at the last hour. This is especially upsetting when you have your heart set on a house.

Or there’s gazundering, when the buyer unexpectedly lowers their offer, sometimes just before exchange. This can leave the seller with no choice but to withdraw from the sale.

Can you live with the uncertainty?

If you’ve got your heart set on buying a particular house, the whole process can be extremely stressful. You have to live with months, sometimes even years, of uncertainty until the day contracts are finally exchanged.

If you market your house in Woking with an estate agent, there’s no way you can avoid the worry that comes as a result of this lengthy process.

How to avoid unnecessary stress

The only way to avoid this pressure and anxiety is to sell your house for cash. You can avoid estate agents, viewings, agents’ fees, endless chains, gazumping, gazundering.

In its place, you gain a fast, reliable sale with a straight cash transfer directly into your bank account.
All the stress and the drama disappears, and you enjoy the certainty of being able to secure your new home. Life suddenly becomes a lot brighter.

Here’s how it works

The process of a cash sale is simple. We research your house in Woking, its surrounding area and local amenities. Based on this information, we put together a competitive cash offer.

The process is fast, efficient and professional. And we try and make the transaction even easier by offering you the free legal services of our recommended solicitors.

Instead of enduring months of stress and uncertainty, you can feel secure and start making exciting plans for your future.

Do you want to ensure you snag your dream home?

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